6 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs Online Ordering


In today's world, every restaurant owner needs to find a unique, creative way to promote his or her restaurant. With many in the food service industry adding the latest technologies to stay competitive, it’s extremely important that your restaurant follows this trend too. A key question many have is which technologies are expected from your restaurant, and is now the right time to invest in those? We hope to provide you with some insight on how to incorporate online and mobile ordering into your restaurant for maximum results.


1. Increase To-Go Sales

This is by far the most important for many business owners. Similar to the effect of using a credit card, customers spend more on average each time they order online or from their phone. This can be contributed to a few reasons. Easier menu access helps customers see everything you have to offer and even inform them of menu items they may not have not have known about. There is also the added ability to offer featured items or add-ons within the app to up-sell customers. A great example of this technology at work comes from Taco Bell, who's mobile order tickets are 30 percent higher than its sales in-store, according to Business Insider. Increased order frequency is another benefit of having an app because of customers being reminded of your restaurant when they see your app icon on their phone.


2. Streamline To-Go Operations

In addition to helping you make more money, digital orders are also easier to fulfill in the kitchen. Being that online and mobile orders are received electronically, many of the errors that commonly happen while taking an order over the phone are eliminated. In addition, not having to pick up the phone or put customers on hold means increased efficiency for your kitchen staff, saving you both time and money.

All digital orders are also received prepaid, meaning there is one less thing for your employees at the checkout counter to have to worry about. Your customers can simply pick up their food and go, without having to stand in line. As a result, this saves everyone's time.


3. Stay In Touch With Your Customers

One of the most valuable things about mobile apps is the ability to send push notifications. These messages can be sent directly to your customer's phones to alert them of specials, coupons, and other important announcements. This can increase traffic to your app and foster user engagement. The 3B Apps Admin Platform gives restaurants the ability to send unlimited push notifications directly to your customers. All at no additional cost.


4. Mobile Rewards Programs

Mobile rewards programs are a great way to incentivize users to download your app and keep them coming back. Market data shows that 96% of millennials are already using restaurant loyalty programs. Mobile rewards programs are far more personal than a simple punch card, because not only is it built into the device that almost never leaves their side, but they can also be sent push notifications and emails reminding them to come back based on how close they are to receiveing a reward. In fact, 69% of adults are more likely to use their loyalty card if it’s on their phone (Urban Airship).

Another important point is that many rewards programs work both in-app and in-store, meaning that not only those who order online can take advantage of discount offers and collect points, but potentially every one of your customers –drastically expanding your potential user base.


5. Compete With National Restaurant Chains

We live in an increasingly mobile world where 77% of Americans now own a smartphone, according to a recent study. Consumers are now expecting to have the ability to use their phones for whatever they do, including when they order food. Over the past few years nearly all major restaurant chains have announced or have already rolled out their mobile apps. Recent studies have predicted that this trend will continue and the market will grow to a massive $38 billion by 2020. The problem for many smaller restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks, however, is that developing a mobile app themselves can be incredibly expensive and nearly impossible. Our goal is to give small and medium-sized restaurants the same quality of technology as their national competitors —without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars.


6. Going mobile is more affordable than you think

Long development times and huge upfront costs are now a thing of the past. With 3B Apps, you can have everything you need to start taking online and mobile orders in as little as three weeks -all at an affordable cost. To sign up or get more info about any of the features above, talk with us today!